Clermont-Ferrand : Campus Michelin

Contractor : Groupe Michelin

BASE + Construire + Encore Heureux + DVVD

Clermont-Ferrand / Auvergne

budget / 3 M€

area / 2 ha

Wining competition / 2014

The gradual transformation of the site of the Carmes through history has seen this rural area at the foot of the city of Clermont become an extremely dense industrial and tertiary site and then in a few years program its transformation to regroup on one and the same territory 'All Michelin's headquarters activities and gradually rediscover a natural area around La Tiretaine.

The crosses created by the land police process, cohesion quests and meeting spaces, crossings and exchanges.To restore the strength of the company's project, the project proposes solutions on several pillars: transforming the main access from the intersection between avenue d'Italie and avenue Edouard Michelin, Urban landscape and by transforming in depth the forecourt and the entrance facade; Create a large public room and showroom that are both showcases for the city and balconies on the Campus; (Oxygen Program) and building land (18,000 m² of land); Build two new buildings (hall and silo parking) emblematic of the innovative nature of the techniques used; Restoring all its place

At the river, source of the implantation of Michelin on the field of the Carmes and hyphen linking the different sites of Clermont-Ferrand.

At the end of the day, it is all the usages and the image of the Carmes site that will be transformed, transforming the historic cradle of the company into a platform.