Dijon : Northern city

Contractor : SPLAD

BASE landscape designer + MGAU urbanist mandatory


Dijon / Côte d'Or
budget / 3 M€
surface / 2.7 ha
date / 2012



A services-oriented park


The Valmy ecopole, situated in the North of Dijon urban area, offers new car, cycle and pedestrian lanes, and is served by the new tramway.

The matter is to progressively constituate a services-oriented district, following the rate of the constructions, of the promises and of the companies’ acquisitions on site. A distinction is made between purely public spaces, open to everyone, and collective spaces, devoted to firms.

The 2,7 ha park is also first designed for the business world. It provides a valorizing environment, open spaces highlighting the constructions and mutualized meeting rooms in the wilderness.

The park does not forget Dijon inhabitants though. It stands as an extra quiet place that they can appropriate for leisure time, meetings, sports and to discover a diverse wild-like nature.