Nantes : Prairies aux Ducs

Contracting authority : Brémond, Vinci, Adim Ouest - Harmonie habitat

BASE landscape designers + Block architects + ITF + Cetrac


Nantes / Loire-Atlantique
budget / 0,65 M€ (paysage)
surface / 1 800 m² 
Building permit phase


The urban project of l’île de Nantes boosts the development of community life on the global scale but also in the heart of clusters. 

That is why the appropriation of space by the inhabitants is a real stake. 

Thus, we propose a new modality emerging from events business programs that would takes benefit from a space made for exhibitions. 


On both island and city scales, this cluster is a piece to integrate into a landscape spaces system. We can access to it from various halls, and from east to west, an axle crosses the center of the block. 

A vegetal edge creates a distance between housings and the center of the block, preserving both inhabitants and walkers intimacy.  At the east, it is a filter between outdoor public space and indoor private or collective space.


The heart of the cluster is a garden that offers confort to visitors and a pleasant living environment for the inhabitants, the users’s practice determining the street furnitures. 


Characterized by an alternation of open spaces and planted spaces (on concrete or on the ground), the project proposes a variety of uses adapted to each ages in coherance with the buildings programmation. 

We defined two atmospheres:

At the north, a ornemental and fully planted with trees garden offers a place for relaxation. At the south, an open yard planted with herbaceous and bushes is occupied by a terrace depending to the futur restaurant, a playground for each age, two spaces for meetings, events or exhibitions.