Bordeaux-Pessac : Zoo

Contracting authority : SEML Zoo de Bordeaux Pessac

BASE landscape designers + Luc Planson architect


Pessac / Gironde
Budget / 25 M€
Surface / 70 ha 
Delivery / 2015


Located in the Pessac municipality, the site hosting the zoological gardens consists in a 17 hectares forested area, offering different micro-landscapes types which guided the main lines of the landscape design project (thalweg, oak grove, pine lines, clearings, wetland ecosystem, borders, ferns...).
The zoo is based on 3 biomes (forest, wetland and open-field) in which animals are distributed according to their natural environment of origin type. Beyond any geographical boundary, a simple and readable landscaped approach that is privileged. Each biome’s entrance is marked by the crossing of an sensorial immersive airlock,allowing the visitor to apprehend the atmosphere and the landscape identity he is about to discover.


Thanks to the preservation of the borders as they are - the forest groves offering spaces to breathe within the biomes - and of the existing wetland, a balance is found between developped and natural areas, which enables the zoo to gain a real park status.
An animated spine (corresponding to a North-South axis), with a more urban nature, distributes and structures the zoo. This frame leads the visitor through various programmings whose goal is to trigger desire to appropriate the park : ZOOms garden, animal city (urban biome), playground, amphitheater...


Pictures: la graine studio