China : Elements VS elements

Contractor : Dalhian city
BASE landscape designer + Architecture Studio architect mandatory


Dalhian Island / China
surface / 5 ha
date / 2007


Respect of and adequation with the location’s character :
We took advantage of the island’s elongated morphology to enhance contrast between the two coasts and create 2 different landscape units.
The eastern continental coast, which receives dominant winds, will be planted with evergreens in order to ensure optimal protection in all seasons. The oceanic coast, with the hotel and facilities, will be planted with caduc/deciduous foliages in order to guarantee maximum light and diversity around the main living quarters.


Landscape experience :
The island’s landscape experience consists of a peripheric promenade which allows to discover the different environments on display: evergreen (varied conifers) and caduc (broadleaved trees and larches) forests, the coast, cliffs, heath and beaches.
Three themed routes are proposed : the oceanic walk to the South West, the coastline walk to the South East and the panoramic walk in the North.


Choice of foliages/essences and natural environments :
Liaodong peninsula has witnessed a decrease in tree planted areas over the years, partly because of economic, industrial and touristic development. The island offers an opportunity to recreate an evocation of the peninsula’s primary forest, with pine trees, red firs and larches, elms, oaks and pistachio trees.
The proposed essences/foliages are renowned for their resistance to local weather constraints, including spoondrifts, which often greatly limit vegetal choices. Trees will be planted askew in order to reinforce the rugged character of this landscape, witness of a harsh struggle between the elements. By skewing according to dominant winds, they will point towards the island’s central buildings.