Montbéliard : anti-jardin

Contractor : Communauté d’agglo du pays de Montbéliard
BASE landscape designer mandatory + atelier LAB architects + ASA + PV2D + BETIC


Montbéliard / Doubs
budget / 8,6 M€
surface / 17 ha
date / 2007


The “anti-garden” concept stems from our collaboration with Alain Berthoz, lecturer in cognitive science at the Collège de France. Located on the Montbard island at the heart of the Montbéliard-Sochaux conurbation, the scientific park is composed of pay zones and public areas.
Covering a surface of 17 ha, it comprises the Jardin de la Rose and a technical and scientific center.
The project, which won the competition in 2005, proposes a journey through 30 animations, most of them performed outdoors, which aim at creating different cognitive and visual sensations for the visitor by altering perceptions of the five senses. The landscaping team (landscape mandatory, architect, scenographer and engineers) worked in collaboration with a scientific committee led by professor Berthoz.


Publications :
2007.06.05 - l'Est Républicain
2007.04.01 - Le Moniteur Aménagement - Annuel du Moniteur
2006.12.15 - Le Moniteur
2005.02.01 - Puissance 29