The Volcano Park : La Réunion

Contracting authority : Commune du Tampon

BASE mandatory+ Univert Durable + SUEZ + Study case architecte + Biotope + System D (expert tourisme) + Parcours conseil (expert équestre) 

Bourg Murat / La Réunion
budget / 15 M€
area / 46 ha
delivery / 2021

At the crossroads of the RN3 and the Route des Volcans, the Park project draws up a continuous network of trails allowing the collective appropriation of the large territory. It initiates a permeability of the landscapes and a sensitization to the natural stakes, in close connection with the NFB. The Volcano Park offers a gateway to the Volcano area.

Attractive by its ecological, playful, sporting and event-oriented programming, the Park receives a varied audience and is then positioned as a base camp, serving for the activities of Tampon.

Proposing new uses and recreation on a 46-hectare estate involves the demonstration of a synergy of actions: a global strategy for the organization and organization of flows and temporalities, the development of a diversified and interactive offering Allows the appropriation of the park by the visitors. It also makes it possible to enhance the reconstitution of the plant environment, new apprehension of the landscape and volcanoes, the valorisation of the equine sector, sports activities and the temporalities of the seasons ...

It is a natural inhabited space, conceived as an oasis whose heart offers a breath, making the link between the preserved natural life and the fringe that clings to the urban, connected and dynamic life of Bourg Murat. This project works through a series of environmental solutions that invent a virtuous system revolving around ecology, economy and recreation.