Gironde : Parc des Jalles

Contracting authority : Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux
BASE mandatory landscape designers + MORE architects + CSD ecologist + SYRPHYS agriculture expert + Champalbert expertises


Parc des Jalles / Gironde
budget / 144 000 €
surface / 4700 ha
delivery / 2013-14


Landscape framework


The Parc des Jalles refers to territory of about 4 700 ha on the left bank of the Garonne river. This large natural space owes its name to the numerous «jalles», small local rivers, that run through it. Water is everywhere : swamps, gravel pits, ponds, lagoons, puddles, humid forests...

Market gardening, allotments and a few cattle breedings offer an agricultural landscape in an urban territority.


The goal is to identify a perimeter, then to establish entrances to the park, a coherent set of theme projects called «houses» and a pattern of public pedestrian paths.


The stakes are :

- To enable the park discovery

- To valorize the park’s patrimony, to enhance its attractivity

- To make the park’s entrances readable, identifiable and accessible

- To preserve the green and blue frame («trame verte et bleue» in French policies)

- To go with the existing projects so that they contribute to the park setting up

- To harmonize the current projects

- To invent an ecological coherence

- To innovate

- To develop cultural appropriation and sense of belonging

- To take every stake in account, to take benefit from constraints.