Nancy : eastern development

Contracting authority : Grand Nancy + SOLOREM

BASE mandatory landscape designer + EODD ecologist + INGEROP


Nancy / Meurthe-et-Moselle
Budget / 
surface / 170 ha 
date / 2014 - in process


The Cœur Plaine Rive Droite (Plain Core Right Bank) site is a peculiar piece of land whose image keeps changing. As not well known as cherished, alternately magnificent and frightening, vast and yet hidden, this territory holds all the germs of a fertile appropriation.

On the edge of Nancy, between Pulnoy, Essey-lès-Nancy, Saulwures-lès-Nancy et Tomblaine, the right bank plains could appear as abandoned outer-urban space. Huge compared to they scale of the city, they remain quiet unknown. Invisible from the city, the plains offers panoramas on the surrounding landscape entities to any adventurer : the Sainte Geneviève mound, the Pain de Sucre, the Bois de Saulxures and Nancy skyline. This exceptionally wide point of vue will be valued by the redesign of the park.

With the park development and the new constructions planned on the edge, the matter will be to create exchanges and connections between city and nature. A precise work of programming and networking, focused in particular on pedestrian and cycle links, will be endertaken with the teams in charge of the ZACs (Urban Development Zones) development.

The other challenge is to offer new uses on this Plain, an appropriation of places on an organized basis like allotments, but also improvized picnics, walks... An area will be devoted to local agriculture, open to discovery and wanderings.