Seine aval : river park

Contracting authority : EPAMSA
BASE landscape designer + NICAYA + OGI + Champabert Expertise


Vallée de la Seine
budget / 120 000 €
surface / 50 km2
date / 2010


> Developing a river park on the OIN Seine Aval area (50 kilometers between the Mousson loop and Conflent-Saint-Honorine).

> Elaborating a diversified, dynamic, shared and complementary landscape {megapark + area of influence}

> Supporting existing projects so that they play a role in the creation of the river park {resonance}

> Harmonizing current projects {complementarity}

> Making new projects emerge and managing the wait {temporality}

> Inventing an ecological coherence {innovation}

> Developping a cultural appropriation and sense of belonging campaign {shared culture}