Masochism / coping with the worst : The role of a landscape designer is that of an artistic director : he/she must anticipate.
To anticipate is to notice that the high-rise building clientele is evolving. Living in a tower has become a stylistic choice, and artists and architects are among the first ones to give way to ‘unrestricted views’. Following the saying “scarce is expensive”, we run the risk of witnessing a renewed interest in towers/high rise concepts for chic and rich individuals, while at the same time popular rejection of those buildings (and their destruction) will reach its peak.
Modern architecture, which suffered some of the worst affronts over the years, is back in force in the advertising imagery, and the neo-kitsch culture embraces it. At the end of the day, the public could find itself in the same situation if confronted with a high-rise building or an old disco hit: not knowing if we like it or if we mock it. The adjective “cool/trendy” has no meaning architecture. Sleep tight, France watches over you, it masters the forces of nature : the atomic bomb (nuclear fission), diplomacy (we live where the whole of humanity wants to live), guard dogs (Mabrouk/Rex is also the most popular man’s best friend in France).