Reims : Maison +

Contractor : SOPIC
Team : BASE landscape designer + SCAU architect mandatory


Thillois / Champagne
budget / 0,8 M€
surface / 33 ha
date / 2010


Project summary in 4 points :


1-Site integration
The landscape is composed of hillsides with dominant viewpoints, such as Mont St-Pierre, and depressions such as the project’s covered parcels along embanked road sections and downhill from Mont St-Pierre. The objective is to maintain the vis-a-vis with the ridge line so as to enhance relief perception. For this reason, planned developments embrace the hill like a scarf and maintain a distance that induces viewpoints on this horizon.

2-Pocket squares
We noticed remarkable points in the landscape (green dots on the map) : belvederes, road knots, etc, marked with punctual conifer plots.
These conifer plantations are reused in pocket squares, a series of small specific gardens which comes to balance the commercial offer.

3-Farming character of plantations
For all other plantations, the objective is to stick with the original terrain in keeping with the agricultural character of the site by selecting rustic plantations which are well-adapted to the calcareous nature of the soil and comply with the existing programme (Millennium park).
Green areas, which are striped like furrows, along with shrubs and natural mulching, adapt to the various inclinations and forms of the parcels, etc.


4- Differentiated management and environmental merits
Differentiated management lies at the core of this landscape project. There are no grass areas on the site, since they generate sound and chemical pollution, with no biodiversity value and a considerable maintenance need, all of which should not be overlooked on a site of this scale. Instead, we choose biodegradable shrubs and natural mulching and decide to alternate with flower meadow stripes. This type of treatment is compatible with the landscape integration of infiltration basins already on site. At the level of parking spaces and roadways, landscape eavesgutters ensure recovery and sanitation of rainwater.