Lormont : Génicart Sud

Contractor : DOMOFRANCE
BASE ladscape designer + LAN architecture mandatory + BETEREM + FBC


Lormont / Gironde
budget / 19 M€
surface / 7 ha
completion by / 2011


Located in Lormont, on the right bank of Bordeaux, the Genicart district is a housing estate built in the sixties. In addition to restoring the buildings, the project proposes to create green ways, sporting equipments, traffic lanes and socializing sites in order to totally transform this district making it a contemporary car-free precinct.


Through the project, we plan to address some of the consequences of the housing estate rehabilitation initiated in the 80s such as the partitioning of the site, the more progressive transition from public to private as well as the reduction and ill use of community spaces. All these aspects are contrary to the main principle of housing estates.


We have paid special attention to the bottom of the buildings which suffer from a lack of shops or from inadequate configurations : uninhabitated housings, unusable piles, deserted associative premises and sensitive running-through hallways.