IN PROCESS / Montpellier ZAC Port Marianne

Contracting authority : SA3M

BASE + Tecta + PER + Naldeo + Infrasud

Montpellier / Herault

budget / 8,1 M€

surface / 21.1 ha

delivery / 2024

The location of the project, at the limit of a motorway infrastructure and a flood zone, required qualitative work for a new urban and landscape fringe. To this was added the desire of the city to develop an exemplary public space project beyond the norms: accessibility for all, continuity of the courses, inclusive improvements, signposting and staking.

The project is a continuation of the guide plan developed by the ANMA agency. The project deploys on a coprogammation of emblematic places around dance, sport and music: an urban park of 8 ha, three squares of proximity, Two paths and a high walk overlooking the park. In order to facilitate and promote the practices - from permanent installations to event events, special attention has been focused on a unique playing space within one of the three squares. This equipment will be innovative and creative, allowing to accomodate children from all the ZAC and including the children in situation of handicap. This call equipment will create new uses in the neighborhood, which will welcome exceptional equipment throughout the sector.

The landscape plan of the ZAC proposes a diversified plant palette giving priority to the Mediterranean species that constitute potential habitats for an urban biodiversity. A green mesh spreads over the whole district and thus participates in the revitalization of the urban ecosystem, notably thanks to the urban park and its meadows with differentiated management. Finally, the penetration of the plant into the neighborhood is ensured by a second more intrusive landscape pattern, in terms of parking spaces.