Lyon : Girondins

Contracting authority : SERL
BASE mandatory landscape designers + EGIS roads & utilities engineering + Transitec + Les Eclaireurs


Lyon / Rhône
budget / 25 M€
surface / 17 ha
delivery / 2015-25

As a new piece of the North of the Gerland area, the ZAC des Girondins (urban development zone) stretches over 17.5 hectares (with a 1.58 building to plot ratio). Because of the neighborhood’s history and of the Lyon metro area development it makes possible, it is part of an urban patchwork mixing dense city and industrial city.


Two major routes are going through the site. From East to West, the rue des Girondins will connect the East of Lyon (Gerland) to the brand new Confluence neighborhood, in the axis of the Girondins bridge. From North to South, the allée Fontenay will stand as a green backbone.


To connect the ZAC to the already built areas, it is necessary to define a readable hierarchical network of green spaces, allowing a great diversity of uses.


Within this web, 3 kinds of blocks can be found : green ones, dense ones and facilities ones. Each of them is defined by its situation, its urban programming and its density.


One of the main challenges of the future ZAC is is to generate a large amount of urban nature in order to compensate for the lack of green spaces in the North of Gerland.


The concept of fertile neighborhood aims at settling a long-lasting vegetation that will help to diversify uses and to link public spaces to private ones.