Reunion island : ZAC Indian Ocean

Contractor : SEMADER
BASE landscape designer + EGIS engineer mandatory + Denis Dupuy architect


Saint-Pierre / Réunion Island
budget / 64 M€
surface / 60 ha
completed / 2009


The ZAC ‘Océan Indien’, whose built-up area covers no less than 60 ha to the East of St Pierre, is composed of a 12km road network and 2 city parks along 2 ravines coming down from the Piton de la Fournaise (“Peak of the Furnace”).
The project comprises several aspects :

  • an urban planning phase which consists in organising the planned setting-up of different activities on a tormented territory made of surplus land and former sugar cane cultures ;
  • roadworks, constrained by the volcanic relief and urban traffic concerns ;
  • regeneration of a natural landscape and massive planting of local endemic plants in the ravines ;
  • security-proofing of territories subject to the duress of water run-offs and tropical weather.