Cergy : major axis

Contractor : Communauté d’Agglomération de Cergy-Pontoise, Energies Ouest
SAFEGE Poissy + BASE landscape designer + Dany Karavan sculptor


Cergy / Val-d’Oise
budget / 5,3 M€
surface / 6 ha
completed / 2008


The design project of an architecture basin and auditorium is the last development phase of Cergy’s Axe Majeur, a work instigated more than twenty years ago, half way between urban planning and the Land art of Dani Karavan.
Highlighting the Oise hillside territory, Dani Karavan’s work comes in the scope of the great garden axis of the Ile de France region.
This project’s main feature is the creation, in the Cergy hillside, of a 800 seat auditorium overlooking two landscaped basins (6,000 sq. m each) connected to the Oise river.
A double mall of pruned lime-trees embraces the whole project and generates a selvedge in the woodland surroundings of the Cergy hillsides.
Replanting works along the banks of the river Oise and the adoption of compensatory measures on the shores will create a rich riparian landscape well-adapted to the development of fish farming.

Publications :
2008.02.15 - Le Moniteur