Lyon : Clos-Layat

Contractor : City of Lyon
BASE landscape architect mandatory + ARCADIS + LES ECLAIREURS


Lyon / Rhône
budget / 1,95 M€
surface / 3 hectares
completed by / 2014


The project takes place in a Lyon area that is away from the large parks of the city and whose inhabitants suffer from the lack of leisure-oriented spaces. At the limit between the 7th, the 8th district and Vénissieux, the Clos-Layat park balances the public parks offer with a space dedicated to the discovery of nature and outdoor activities, a cool island for the neighborhood, an ecological relay at the scale of the metropolitan area.

Last piece of the historical estate of the Saint-Jean de Dieu hospital, the site covers 3 hectares and is still surrounded by a high outer wall and a plane trees alignement.
The expansion of the hospital’s private park, which consists in a forest, makes it possible to gradually develop the park from a forest environment (promenade, picnic, wildlife observation posts...) to an open space (large lawn for leisure and outdoor games), the whole being linked by an arboreal border. This classic and simple repartition of the park entities hosts a great richness of shadow and light situations.

The park has many different possible uses : a green theater and solarium terraces facing the next football fields, a 500 m² playground... The Playground of the Mist is divided in two parts, a mist pool an a trunk forest in which one can follow a suspended equilibrium path. The park also has fitness and picnic areas.