Lyon : Sergent Blandan

Contractor : Grand Lyon + Ville de Lyon
BASE landscape designer mandatory + explorations architecture + OGI + ON + CSD


Lyon / Rhône
budget / 19 M€
surface / 17 ha
date / 2010-2013


In the heart of Lyon, on the old Sergent Blandan barracks from 1830, a new public space of 20 hectares is opened in 2013.

On this nonstandard site, invisible for a long time, new urban, contemporary and exclusive uses have been designed for the account of the Grand Lyon. The issues are those of memory and military history, of plant reconquest and urban renewing, of sharing and appropriation, of sports and games.

Around the central fortifications, the ancient logic of defensive fronts and bastions is transposed. New spaces of discovery, of escape and meeting are organized : plains of moat, horticultural fronts, garden of reconquest, parade ground, wave of ramparts, many reasons that give rise to specific uses and environments, in resonance with the history of the site.

The first part was delivered in 2013, and turns this site into the third urban park of Lyon. Very opened and based on uses, sport and sustainability, this first part offers exclusive, sportive and playful activities. It also gives rise to singular spaces where the wastelands mingle with the historical vestiges and advanced equipments, although very accessible (skate park, playground, sport ground, etc.).

The parade ground, new public place of 4 acres reachable 24/7, also liable to flooding for rainy days, in front of the university campus, and served by tram T4, is quickly became a new social theatre, a place of meetings and spontaneous gatherings.


Publications :
2011.07 - Paysage Actualités - par Éric Burie