Terville : landscaped park

Contracting authority : Ville de Terville

BASE landscape designer + RANDJA architects + WOR engineering + Grandmougin Conseils + Oregon


Terville / 57
budget / 1,92 M€ (landscape design)
surface / 5 ha (block)
in progress


The new sports complex stands as an occasion to conceive a landscaped sports park which would be more open, more contemporaneous, more likely to fulfill users’ expectations, but also to offer a new image to the city through its city hall’s valorization.


1. The Châtillon park

Prompted by romantic references, the Châtillon park is composed of classical patterns of the art of garden design and counts several specimen trees. The projects respects the Spirit of Place and aims at strengthening the different atmospheres.


2. The greenway

This planted alley, urban and equiped with several amenities, links the city hall to the gym, the Verdun road to the Pasteur street’s yard and structures the circulation of the new park. 

The marketplace, between the two buildings, is both the extension of the city hall plaza and of the gym, with its skate park and its free access climbing wall. A bit further, new playgrounds for different age catagories and specifid furnitures liven up the promenade and offer different flowpaths and positions.


3. The sports park

The new gym and the soccer field are integrated in a reorganized landscape that creates a dialogue between the new facility and its immediate context.