Uckange : garden

Garden in Uckange

Contractor : Établissement Public Foncier de Lorraine
BASE landscape designer mandatory + B3Esh
Construction : DTP terrassements, Vert Paysage et Aménagement


Uckange / Moselle
budget / 1 M€
surface / 5 ha
completed / 2007


Located along the river Moselle on the site of the old Uckange city factory (near Thionville and Luxemburg), the 5 ha site is overlooked by the “U4” smelting furnace of Uckange, which hosts a tourist information programme on the steel-manufacturing heritage of the Lorraine region.
The garden is mainly composed of :

  • a mineral esplanade which links up the city-center and the Moselle,
  • a vast grass area offering viewpoints of the U4 with oak-line induced 3D effects
  • planted gardens on the old factory’s foundations and stagecraft of its traces.

The garden contributes to the site’s pollution clear-up (heavy metals, arsenic) and more importantly to its security-proofing, through various protection and confinement mechanisms.
In parallel with the project design, we carried out an urban planning survey on the outskirts of the site, under the authority of Uckange city council.


Publications :
2006.03.23 - La Semaine