Bordeaux : Saint-Jean - Belcier

Contractor / Euratlantique
BASE landscape designer + Reichen & Robert urbanist mandatory + SETEC + IDRATEC + Ad Valorem


Bordeaux / Gironde
surface / 60 ha
budget / 150 M€
competition / wining project 2011


The concept of the AOC City (Appellation D’Origine Climatique - Climatic Designation of Origin) begins with the principle that a city is established and develops primarily for natural reasons and according to logics of geographical adaptation. The intelligence of a city owes much to its abilities to adapt to the natural environment (topography, water courses, geology, climate, rural traditions) and in the way it manages to, indefinitely or durably, profit from the «identity value» that nature provides it.
The city therefore capitalises on Nature: through transfers of image and identity, territorial embeddedness, the invitation of its landscapes, intermodality and variety of territories, climatic qualities and tourism. To magnify and maintain this privileged relationship between the city and the nature that surrounds it, runs through it and contributes to its advancement, we must establish the value of the precedence of these natural landscapes.


The reintegration of the Saint-Jean and Belcier neighborhood into their natural environment depends on how they will communicate with the river. This search for a new dialogue could result in :

- creating more contact between publics places and the banks
- widening the banks in order to create a large promenade that would link the embankments to the Bègles banks
- using the new space to set a specific river biodiversity
- creating a river branch going through the neighborhood core, introducing a new dynamic and strenghtening the original ecological continuity between the catchment area of the Ars stream and the river.