Aubervilliers : Émile Dubois

Contractor : SODEDAT 93
BASE landscape designer + l’AUC urban planner mandatory


Aubervilliers / Seine St-Denis
budget / 5 M€
surface / 4 ha
study / 2006


The Maladrerie Émile Dubois district has been the subject of a thorough consultation process with its residents in order to determine the urban implications behind the project: the future of the dwellings’ heritage and of business activity, the rehabilitation of outdoor spaces and common elements, the improvement of public services and facilities; all in the scope of a global urban renovation project.
The landscape project is based on a city park which provides a north-south urban link and constitutes both a design and identification landmark of the neighbourhood.
The outdoor layout is designed in strips to offer greatly diversified transit spaces which allow for the crossing of different sections and give rhythm to the routes. This diversity will appeal to both occasional and regular visitors, both lengthwise (entrance, access to the towers and the school) and along the width (car-park access, building connections). The project aims at guaranteeing to visitors the choice between several routes (daily commuting from vehicle to housing, from housing to local amenities or the future school…) and at the same time easier orientation on the site.